2021-11 After the Rain


Learn how to make different landscape elements.


Instructor: Simona Aizicovici

In this class you will create a beautiful landscape that incorporates several interesting elements in pressed flower art: a rainbow, a complex bridge, a willow tree, water and waterlilies.  All of these elements combine to become magical scenery, but at the same time, they can be parts of different pictures.  The techniques described can also be used in other projects.  And last but not least, you will use new materials like the red corn husk or moss (if you did not have a chance to until now).

On a first come, first serve basis, I will send anyone (in the US or other countries) who registers for the class, the grass that I used for the willow (and/ or some that Nancy pressed), as well as some flowering almond petals and black skeleton leaves.  Kate was also very king to press some grass that she felt is similar with what I used.  I also used trillium and (my preference for any project) and squirrel’s foot fern, also from Kate’s shop.

The instructions for the class are very detailed so petals with less experience can still make the picture, while the more experienced ones can use only what they need from the instructions.

Note: Members will be invited to join the class group on the first day of the month the class is offered in. Monthly Classes are only available to current WWPFG Members. Member Coupon does not apply to Monthly Classes.