2021-08 Tropical Fish Underwater Design


This class is a Zoom class with specific meeting times.


Instructor: Kate Chu

This class will be mostly done on zoom. There will be a discussion group set up for Q&A and to distribute fish patterns. There will be no written instructions.

There will be 3 sessions for making fish:

English session time 8/7, 8/8, 8/14 at 10a.m. PST

Chinese session time 8/6, 8/7, 8/13 6p.m. PST

And 3 sessions for making the picture:

English session time 8/15, 8/21, and 8/28 10a.m. PST

Chinese session time 8/15, 8/21, 8/28 6p.m. PST

Note: Members will be invited to join the class group on the first day of the month the class is offered in. Monthly Classes are only available to current WWPFG Members. Member Coupon does not apply to Monthly Classes. Class participants should join the groups.io group to get the fish patterns, and then will receive an email with a link for the Zoom meetings.